Healthy Snacks Inward A Hurry

Rather than reaching for the chocolate when hunger strikes, hold upward laid upward amongst these unproblematic in addition to nutritious bites

apple + 1 serve low-fat cheese

Hard-boiled egg, sliced, 1/2 loving cup chopped veg (cucumbers, capsicum, ruddy onion) + 1 tbs calorie-free mayonnaise dressing

Rye cracker + two slices tomato + two pieces low-fat fetta

1/2 loving cup of berries + 1 loving cup of low-fat yoghurt

1 slice wholegrain toast + 1 tin sardines + 1 sliced tomato

iii cooked egg whites mashed, mixed amongst 1 chopped tomato plant + 1 tsp Dijon mustard

1 pocket-sized tub low-fat natural yoghurt + 1 tbs raisins

1 large carrot, grated, mixed amongst 55g (1/2 can) tuna inward saltation H2O + two tbs low-fat dressing

Comment what you lot think, honey hearing your feedback! xx


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